Tekashi 69 Identifies Trippie Redd As A Rival Gang Member During His Testimony

During his testimony against two members of the Nine Trey Blood set, Tekashi 69 also name-checked one of his rap rivals, Trippie Redd, identifying him as a member of a rival Blood set, the Five Nine Brims. The two rappers previous had beef both on records and in the streets of New York, as Tekashi reportedly set his Nine Trey associates on Trippie in an attack at Trippie’s New York hotel in late 2017.

Tekashi detailed the attack during the second day of his testimony, as reported by independent journalist Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press. According to Lee, Tekashi reasoned that his rationale for the attack was based on the Ohio rapper’s membership in a rival gang, as well as their shared record label. According to Tekashi, after their initial success collaborating, when Tekashi’s career began to take off despite signing months after Trippie, jealousy sparked angry words and eventually flying fists.

“[Trippie] was with another set of Bloods…. So was Casanova,” Tekashi is noted testifying. “Me and Trippie Redd were signed to the same label… There’s a lot of jealousy involved. He was signed first. I later on signed, a couple months after. We had a song together, it was successful. Then jealousy, we got into online disputes.” Tekashi notes that “Trippie Redd’s manager said he wanted to squash the beef’ but that “I was very upset with him, he has already said a lot.”

Tekashi also detailed the lead-up to the attack, in which he and several Nine Trey members followed Trippie for an hour awaiting an opportunity to pounce. He says that he waited in their vehicle while the Bloods confronted Trippie at the hotel and only heard about Harv punching Trippie from Shotti after the fact.

The second day of the trial continues and more updates will follow as they become available.

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