50 Cent Says Eminem Is Working On Another New Album And He’s On It

Eminem‘s never been the most prolific rapper around — that distinction would likely belong to Gucci Mane, Future, or Lil Wayne — but he has picked up the pace of his releases in recent years, dropping two albums in relatively rapid succession since 2017. While he has yet to match the frenetic release rate of, say, Young Thug or 03 Greedo, Shady fans do have some reason to celebrate: According to 50 Cent, Em’s already got another project in the works. The longtime Eminem collaborator revealed that the two veterans are working on something new in a recent interview with LA radio station Real 92.3. Check it out at 29 minutes.

“[Eminem] sent me a record now, he working now,” he said. “He got some things man. Still the highest-selling rap artist in the world. We’re doing it now.” While that morsel may not seem much to go on, Slim Shady fans will likely be amped to hear that the “Rap God” has been in the studio working to produce more of his syllable-filled, wordplay-riddled raps for them to decipher on Genius.

Meanwhile, 50 also doubled down on his issues with Rick Ross, telling his hosts that there’s “nothing” he respects about Rick Ross’ career. “How many did he sell? No. 1? Come on. What week was it? Some weeks 10 purchases make you No. 1.” There’s at least one collaboration 50 won’t be doing anytime soon.