50 Cent Explains Why He Thinks Drake And Lil Wayne Would Be Ideal ‘Verzuz’ Opponents

It’s been pretty firmly established by now that 50 Cent has little to no interest in participating in a Verzuz battle. He’s already turned down a challenge from his number one foe Ja Rule repeatedly and resorted to outright mocking T.I. for throwing down the gauntlet. It’s safe to say fans can likely give up any hopes of seeing him play his hits across from any other challengers as well. However, that hasn’t stopped him from chiming in on battles he’d like to watch — especially when he’s asked.

During a recent live stream to promote his Branson Cognac on Instagram, he was asked which artists would make ideal matchups for either Drake or Lil Wayne. Rather than positing other artists to go against either rapper, he explained why he thinks they would actually make the perfect matchup for each other. “The best thing would probably be Lil Wayne vs. Drake,” he opined. “Because it’s two styles, two different styles in the same period so it will be entertaining enough to watch both of them.”

However, “It won’t be negative, so it won’t get the same attention as ‘I’m smoking on Pookie Loc,'” he warned, referencing an attention-grabbing moment from the Gucci Mane vs. Jeezy matchup that saw Gucci taunt his opponent with a reminder that Gucci had shot and killed one of Jeezy’s friends in self-defense during a home invasion. Charges against Gucci were dropped due to a lack of evidence.

Drake vs. Wayne would have the potential to be an interesting matchup — they’re already planning a possible sequel to their joint tour — but 50 may be reckoning their respective eras inaccurately. Wayne had a solid decade of monstrous hits before he ever unleashed Drake on the world and while the two easily have way more than 20 tracks between them for a face-off, many of their fan-favorite songs are collaborations between the two, while Drake has clearly had way more impactful songs in the past 10 years. Would “Drop It Like It’s Hot” compare to “In My Feelings?”

Actually… now I do want to see this one. Swizz, set it up.