50 Cent Trolls Nick Cannon Over Losing His Deal With Viacom

50 Cent doesn’t exactly need extra reasons to troll people with whom he has issues, but given he was already at odds with the disgraced television and radio host Nick Cannon, it was a certainty he’d find a way to kick the man while he’s down. That’s just what he did, with new posts teasing Cannon for losing his deal with ViacomCBS, one of which has since been deleted.

The deleted one, according to HotNewHipHop, read, “Damn, Nikki, what the f*ck was you on that stupid ass podcast talking about? No More Wilding Out Hun! (Don’t worry Be Happy).” It’s since been removed from his page for unknown reasons.

However, his other posts remain intact. Both are parodic references to Wild’N Out, the long-running improv comedy show Cannon led along with a rotating cast of comedian friends and musical guest stars that dominated MTV’s late-night schedule for the better part of the last decade. 50’s posts advertise his own (fake) show, “Out Wild,” starring Instagram comedian Michael Blackson. 50 jokes that “it’s kinda like a show that got canceled,” and in a second post, urges Black to “sign TF contract. Let’s go, I ain’t got all day — and sh*t better be funny.”



50 previously needled Nick Cannon over his interminable beef with Eminem, calling Nick’s diss tracks late last year “trash” and advising Eminem to let sleeping dogs lie.

Cannon was ousted from his production deal with ViacomCBS after discussing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on his Cannon’s Class podcast. He’s since issued an apology and been offered an opportunity to start over at Diddy’s Revolt TV.