6lack Teamed Up With Atlanta’s Water Boyz To Deliver Flowers To Fans, And Seemingly Tease New Music

It appears a new era of 6lack may soon be upon us. Today (February 14), fans noticed a countdown on his website, seemingly teasing an announcement this coming weekend. While we’re excited for the possibility of new 6lack music, the elusive R&B superstar is bringing joy to others in a different way.

This Valentine’s Day, 6lack teamed up with the Water Boyz N The Hood of Atlanta for a special project. Over the years, the Water Boyz N The Hood have become a household name in Atlanta, known for their entrepreneurial spirit, as they sell bottled water on the side of the road to raise money to achieve their goals. Today, 6lack and the Water Boyz handed out free roses to raise spirits on Valentine’s Day.

In one of the videos, each of the Water Boyz are wearing red hoodies that read “Flower Boyz.” They are seen handing out flowers with messages from 6lack.

Some of the messages read “See you soon, Love 6lack,” catching some of the recipients by surprise.

Though 6lack himself isn’t seen in the clips, fans felt his kindness from afar, creating more anticipation for new music.

But while we wait, you can see some of the heartwarming moments above.