88 Glam’s Self-Titled Debut Continues The Tradition Of Toronto’s Hazy Aesthetic And Sonic Imprint

When The Weeknd isn’t busy cozying up with his new puppy to get over his latest breakup, he’s busy giving the world incredible music and offering artists from his hometown a platform to do the same. His XO imprint has already produced one successful artist in NAV, and now he’s trying to double up with the introduction of the Toronto duo 88Glam.

Comprised of Derek Wise and 88 Camino, the young upstart from The 6 come with Abel’s stamp of approval and the banger “12” buoying them. Now, they’re dropping off their self-titled debut LP, stuffed with 13 tracks and booming production from A-listers Murda Beatz and WondaGurl as well as in-house producers VillaBeatz and AlexOnWeed.

Much like “12,” 88Glam fits the hazy, seedy Toronto aesthetic and sonic imprint established by Abel and Drake to a tee, offering plenty of brooding production and tales of substance abuse and late night romps. So, yes, while The Weeknd didn’t lend his voice to the project in a formal sense, his influence is clearly felt throughout. The duo also dropped the video for “Bali” with NAV, continuing to establish themselves as a ready-made product clear just waiting to be unleashed onto the public.

Check out 88Glam’s self-titled debut below via Soundcloud and purchase on iTunes here.