A Photo Of A Teen Having ‘Oral Relations’ At An Eminem Concert Has Brought Out The Worst In Humanity

Each Monday, I publish something called the Breaking Bad Power Rankings. It’s pretty self-explanatory: I rank the show’s characters, from Walt to Skyler to This Guy, by how badass they are. Today, I’m tweaking the formula for an entirely different story, one involving a blowjob at an Eminem concert. Here is: the Humanity Power Rankings.

In last place…oh. THERE’S A TIE. Let’s meet everyone, shall we?

Guy and Girl

This is one of two pictures of Guy and Girl (names intentionally removed) circulating on the Internet. I can’t show the bottom of it, but it’s still the more SFW photo of the two. (You can find them here.) They attended an Eminem concert at Slane Castle in Ireland over the weekend, and while there, they engaged in “public fun.” Or as the Irish would say, she leafed his clover. In front of everyone. At an Eminem concert. That’s important to repeat.

Anyway, Girl’s only 17, the age of legal consent in Ireland, but not in the United States, where the photo has gone massively viral. Looking for a good (read: actually terrible) time? Then search the hashtag “#slanegirl” on Twitter. She’s being called a no-good slut, while he’s “THE MAN,” which brings us to our next contestant.

Whoever Made This

And This

And Pretty Much Everyone Else Involved

A typical tweet about the incident goes like, “Slane Girl getting sympathy in the papers…What for being a slut?” while “defenders,” so to speak, are replying with, “Nice bit of massive slut-shaming, Twitter. Those using #slanegirl hashtag to bully a young woman should be f*cking embarrassed.” Oh yeah, and now she’s in the hospital.

The pictures went viral after being posted on social networking sites, causing them to even trend around the world on Twitter. But it has since emerged that the girl is understood to be just 17 and, according to reports, she has been so distressed by the online images that she has had to be sedated in hospital. Her family are also said to be distraught. (Via)

So. What did we learn here? Well: be you guy, girl, or whatever, DON’T DO THIS KIND OF SH*T IN PUBLIC. Guy isn’t a legend and Girl isn’t slut, but I do think they have something in common: they’re both idiots.

Oh yeah, and in first place:

No one.

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