The Spider-Man Christmas Album From ‘Into The Spider-Verse’ Actually Exists In Real Life

In the animated Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse film, one of the best gags are the ways Peter Parker tries to cash in on his fame as Spider-Man, from a Spider-themed restaurant to a holiday album called A Very Spidey Christmas. The film’s directors say they wrote the song “Spidey Bells” as a way to punk Spider-Man actor Chris Pine, but that Pine was so up for the bit, the song found its way into the closing credits, complete with a bridge that finds the titular hero lamenting his monotonous existence of day-saving and getting punched by super-powered crooks.

The gag was so well-received that A Very Spidey Christmas did a little dimension hopping of its own; the album went up on streaming services in our world, giving us the chance to listen to “Spidey Bells” throughout the holiday season, along with Spider-Man-themed versions of other Christmas classics sung in character by the rest of the cast. Shameik Moore sings “Joy To The World” as Miles Morales, Jake Johnson as Peter B. Parker sings “Deck The Halls,” and a very special Spidey from the post-credits sequence makes an appearance for an extra-grumpy, spoken word reading of “The Night Before Christmas.”

It’s a fun, goofy album that shows how much the film’s stars enjoyed participating and borrows a little of the lighthearted humor of the comic book source material. You can stream it below or download it here. The original soundtrack is also pretty good, too.