Did Aaron Carter Compare Himself To Michael Jackson To Gain Attention For New Music?

We’re thinking he might have.

Aaron Carter kicked a hornet’s nest by comparing himself to Michael Jackson on Twitter on November 22. The one-time teen pop star said that the late King of Pop “passed the torch” to him. Carter dug in his heels when the Twitterverse called bullsh*t, leading to a strange series of tweets where Carter never backed down from his initial claims.

Now, in a move we’re supposed to think is unrelated, Carter dropped his first snippet of new music in more than 12 years. Hear the unmastered/unmixed snippet of a new song called “Fool’s Gold” up top. It sort of sounds like a scratch track that wouldn’t have made it onto Purpose (or even Journals), but in Carter’s defense, it’s not finished.

The “Aaron’s Party” singer explained his decision to drop the track to Billboard, while sliding in a not-too-subtle name drop.

“I’ve been working on new music for the last 10 years, and I’m beyond excited that I’m in a position where I can release my new album soon. I’m traveling today to Deadmau5’s house for Thanksgiving, and I think it’s only appropriate to show my fans a clip of the music I’ve been working on.”

Adele, Bieber and the imminent Rihanna release have turned the fall into Comeback Season. Who says the dude behind “That’s How I Beat Shaq” isn’t next up (besides everyone)?

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