No One Got Tickets To See Adele In Concert, And Everyone’s Crying

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Thousands of heartbroken Adele fans are living an Adele song today. Tickets for her massive 56-date North American tour, which kicks off in St. Paul, Minnesota in July 2016 and ends in Mexico City in November (with six shows at Madison Square Garden in-between), went on sale this morning. Obviously not everyone who wanted one got one, which is why I propose that every stadium have at least 350,000 seats, with cupholders big enough to fit my child-size Paunch Burger soda. Is that too much (soda) to ask?

Anyway, congratulations are in order for everyone lucky enough to get a ticket, because they won’t be in debt after buying one on the secondary market. Let’s say you want to see Adele on September 26, 2016. It’s the final night of her New York residency, so you want to be close to the stage. Two floor seats on StubHub will only set you back a cool $10,000. Okay, so maybe not that show. How about September 6, when Adele’s in Auburn Hills, Michigan? That has to be less expensive, right? It is! A pair of floor tickets are only $2,500. You’d be stupid not to take out a second mortgage and go (although it means having to travel to Michigan, so… maybe not).

The digital lines on Ticketmaster, which reportedly kept crashing, were absurd, so fans shared their tear-stained frustrations on Twitter.

If only there was an SNL sketch to represent Adele-inspired sadness…

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