Premiere: AJR’s Earnest ‘Sober Up’ Video Gets Back To That Youthful Feeling

01.31.18 2 years ago

If you’ve tuned into alternative radio lately, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard AJR’s single “Sober Up.” The song currently sits pretty at No. 4 on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart and is No. 10 on the Rock Airplay chart. Not bad for a band of three brothers that started off making music in the New York City apartment living room. Sure, it helps that Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo has featured vocals on the track and has a co-writing credit, but it doesn’t take more than one listen to know that this song would do just fine on its own.

For the music video for “Sober Up,” we find the brothers — Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met — taking to the New York streets, playing their song while strutting the avenues. But when singer Jack catches a reflection of himself in a window, he’s surprised to see not himself as a grown man, but as a child. The imagery works for the song’s longing for feelings of youth and innocence, where a nostalgia for simpler times becomes something that we just can’t shake. Rivers Cuomo doesn’t make an appearance, but that hardly hurts the chemistry that these three siblings show when on screen together.

Watch the clip for AJR’s “Sober Up” above from their 2017 record The Click. The trio kicks off their The Click spring tour on February 8th. Check out the tour dates below.

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