Akon’s Car Was Reportedly Stolen While He Was Putting Gas In It

Akon was pumping gas at an Atlanta gas station when the unthinkable happened. While filling up his white Range Rover SUV on the passenger side, the musician reportedly turned and saw it being driven away by a thief.

Akon was able to contact the police and report the SUV stolen. Per The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the gas station’s security camera showed a black sedan pull up right next to Akon’s car. A man got out of the sedan’s passenger seat a slid right into Akon’s Range Rover, quickly pulling off as the black sedan followed.

At the time of the crime, Akon had a number of valuable items in the car, including a $25,000 diamond necklace and a $6,500 Louis Vuitton bag. Thankfully, the musician’s iPhone was also in the car, so he was able to use the FindMyPhone app to track his phone and stolen car to Lawton Street in southwest Atlanta. However, the car was already gone by the time police pulled up to the location.

Akon was able to once again locate his phone in Forest Park, where Officer Steve Avery reported it was successfully recovered early Tuesday morning. While the car has been found and returned to Akon, there are currently no suspects in the case.