Aldous Harding Is A Satirical, Bikini-Wearing Cowboy In The ‘Blend’ Video

Indie folksinger Aldous Harding isn’t afraid to get a bit confrontational. We could see it in her recent odd and ugly performance on Jools Holland, and that willingness to prod the audience it’s all over her regularly harsh and experimental breakout album Party. Now, she’s taking on one of film’s sacred cows, trashing the worst scene Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam War epic Apocalypse Now in her music video for “Blend.”

In the video, Harding dances in a Star-Spangled outfit reminiscent of an outfit worn during the USO show scene in the 1979 retelling of Heart Of Darkness, even striking some of the same poses. Harding explained her reasoning and what became of her costume in a press release.

“The concept is based on that awful scene from Apocalypse Now where the playmates pile out of the helicopter,” she said. “The costume was handmade for me, it turned out great. It’s in the bin.”

Harding also revealed how the video and the song came together.

“I spent eight hours dancing on a Lazy Susan, it was easy really,” she said. “Obviously I know what it is… the song itself was written in an AirBnB in Bristol the night before going into the studio.”

The video was helmed by Charlotte Evans, Harding’s go-to director who also headed up the creation of “Imagining My Man.”