New Zealand Folkie Aldous Harding Is On The Cusp Of A Breakout With ‘Imagining My Man’

Aldous Harding is a folk artist from New Zealand who just announced that she will be releasing her sophomore album, Party, on May 19 via 4AD. While her debut self-titled LP, Aldous Huxley, has been out in New Zealand since 2014, she only released it in the United States back in September, 2016 via Flying Nun Records.

What sets Harding apart from fellow female folk singer-songwriters is her ability to take on a riskier style. Her voice is deeper and more masculine than the average light, feathery folk singer. This willingness to experiment is on full display in the video for “Imagining My Man,” which is the lead single off the upcoming record. Though Harding has been flying under the radar so far, the nuance and husky depth of this song alone suggest her next record will be a breakout.

In the video, Harding sits in the backseat of a car that is traveling through a city on a rainy afternoon. The simplistic setting of the video allows for Harding to express the intimacy of introspective thought on heartbreak, confusion, and finding out that someone you loved isn’t who you thought they were. Watch it above.

Here is the full tracklist for the upcoming album.

1. “Blend”
2. “Imagining My Man”
3. “Living The Classics”
4. “Party”
5. “I’m So Sorry”
6. “Horizon”
7. “What If Birds Aren’t Singing They’re Screaming”
8. “The World Is Looking For You”
9. “Swell Does The Skull”

Take a look back at the avant-garde video for “Stop Your Tears” off of her self-titled debut.

Party will be out on May 19 via 4AD.