Alex Cameron Announces His New Album ‘Miami Memory’ With The Single ‘Divorce’

06.18.19 1 month ago

Chris Rhodes

Indie pop artist Alex Cameron is making his return following his 2017 record Forced Witness. Cameron’s upcoming album, Miami Memory, will be his third studio release, and he just announced that it will be out on September 13 via Secretly Canadian. Ahead of that, though, he’s shared a video for his new single “Divorce.”

The Australian musician is known for performing as his manufactured alter ego of the same name, which takes the form of a sleazy failed entertainer. Cameron said that although his new album is still dominated by his alter ego, his inspiration comes from his real lived experiences: “When you listen to these songs, and you’re waiting for the twist, or the joke, or any kind of discomfort, I can assure you none of those things were there when I wrote them. These are true stories, of actual events. Specific but never esoteric. And graphic but never offensive. Miami Memory is the story of a couple balancing sex with contemporary family values…It’s my gift to my girlfriend, a symbol to hoist on the totem of love.”

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