Alex Trebek Did A Lively Impression Of Lil Jon On ‘Jeopardy!’

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Over the years, Jeopardy! categories have elicited some pretty comical sound bites. Some of the most entertaining moments come when contestants choose from a “rap” category and Alex Trebek gives his best impression of popular rappers. On Thursday night’s episode of Jeopardy!, Trebek tried to capture Lil Jon‘s signature joyous catchphrase.

Lil Jon was the $800 answer for Jeopardy! contestants. The question referenced his popular song “Turn Down For What” and his familiar slogan, “yeeeeeeeahh.” Alex Trebek read the question and gave his best shot at mimicking the rapper’s voice.

Though the question was technically referencing Dave Chappelle‘s impersonation, no Alex, you were not close.

Jeopardy! contestant E.J. ended up correctly answering, “What is Lil Jon?”

More popular rappers were the answer to several of Thursday night’s Jeopardy! questions. The $400 question showed a photo of Lil Wayne with 2 Chainz, while Trebek mentioned their collaborative album ColleGrove, then asked the contestants to correctly name Lil Wayne. The same contestant ended up getting the answer right, “Who is Lil Wayne?”

Lil Yachty was the answer for the category’s $1,000 question.

Trebek is back as a host on the show after a battle with pancreatic cancer earlier this year. He recently opened up about his diagnosis on an episode of Good Morning America. “I think I’ve learned that I’m an extremely lucky individual. Because in spite of the fact that this diagnosis is not a good one, I have managed to receive so much love from so many people, and quite often you don’t get that during your lifetime,” he said. “After you’re passed, after you’re dead, people will say, ‘He was such a nice guy, we really liked him,’ but I’m getting all that before that event. So it makes me feel really, really good.”