Watch Alvvays Trippy ‘In Undertow’ Video, A Self-Described ‘Lunar Purgatory Plunge’

07.13.17 2 years ago

To write Antisocialites, the upcoming second album from indie pop darlings Alvvays, singer Molly Rankin took to an abandoned classroom on Lake Ontario’s Toronto island to record demos before sleeping on the beach at night. “I carried a small PA on the ferry in a wheelbarrow,” she says. “Every morning I would listen to my favorite records on the beach, then I’d write melodies and record demos in the classroom.”

That exact vibe is what shines through perfectly on the album’s lead single “In Undertow,” which the group shared in June and released an appropriately hazy video for today. The clip, which Rankin describes as “aquacosmic psych meets public access TV,” is packed with over-saturated colors and trippy video delay, a perfect match for the garage rick distortion of the otherwise light and lovely indie pop.

Rankin says of the video:

“I’m aware of my own drowning fixation and fascinated by that bizarre lunar-tidal relationship. We’ve already filled our water video quota. Space is a trippier ocean.”

“In Undertow” is so far the only preview we have of Antisocialites, which drops on September 8, but based on this alone, it appears that a sophomore slump won’t be an issue. Watch the video above, and revisit our look at the band’s self-titled debut, which we posit is perhaps the most underrated record of 2014.

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