Amine’s Scholastic New Video For ‘Blackjack’ Is Mom-Approved

Aminé’s latest “EpLpMixtapeAlbumOnePointFive was one of last year’s standouts. It was an aggressive and boastful turn away from the his more humble Republic Records debut Good For You, and produced the Rihanna and Halle Berry-approved approved breakout jam “Reel It In.”

On Wednesday, the Portland-native released a new music video for the fourth track on OnePointFive, “Blackjack.” Directed by Aminé and Jack Begert of Psycho Films, the three-minute clip takes us the “School of Rap” where Aminé and the rest of the uniform-clad CLBN crew cut classes, dish out swirlies, and are generally delinquent. Internet personality Rickey Thompson — whose voice can be heard across the album — makes a guest appearance as a disapproving teacher, there are more than a few supreme bookbags, and Aminé plays his own disgruntled step-father. The video is well worth the watch.

The video has apparently also won the approval of Aminé’s mom. In a screenshot of a text exchanged that the 24-year-old rapper posted to Twitter, his mother expresses her relief that there was “no A$$ on [sic] this video.” She is, of course, referring to the butt-shaking smorgasbord of a video for the aforementioned “Reel It In.” Mom’s everywhere will be relieved to know that “Blackjack” is slightly tamer. Check it out above.