Anderson .Paak Is Launching A New Label Called Apesh*t

In a hilarious faux press conference posted earlier today on Instagram, Anderson .Paak announced that he’s launching a brand new label. Dubbed Apesh*t, he explained that the name is partly an acronym for “Anderson .Paak Empire” and a reference to the fact that “we on some other sh*t.”

A press release indicated that Apeshit is indeed a partnership with Universal Music Group and that Paak’s focus is on “no gimmicks, no button-pushing, just raw talent.” An unusual success story himself, this effort definitely feels like he’s trying to find other multi-talented artists that have gone undiscovered the way he was until he broke through on Dr. Dre’s Compton album in 2015, and then with his own album Malibu in early 2016. “I’m looking for artists that can captivate an audience,” he elaborated in the Instagram video. “I want musicians. I want people that can play instruments and perform at the same time.”

Apesh*t has a website up already proclaiming itself as “A disruptive platform for the most captivating talent in the world,” as well as a new Instagram account with upwards of 6,000 followers on its first day of existence. “Do you plan on signing artists from Korea?” one of the actors in the Instagram clip asked in Korean. Paak replied in Korean with “Yes lawd!”

It feels like strategic timing to introduce Apeshit to the world as An Evening With Silk Sonic, Paak’s album with Bruno Mars as Silk Sonic, is set to arrive on November 11th. As the video comes to a close, he looks at the camera and delivers a parting thought on the venture: “The game is crazy man. This industry can be like a jungle. Snakes, tigers, rainy days, hot days…What I’m trying to say is look: If the industry is like the jungle? Well, I guess we got no choice but to go APESH*T!”