Andre 3000 Was Once Again Spotted Serenading Strangers With His Flute

It’s not often that Outkast member Andre 3000 is in the headlines. So when he was spotted last year walking around an airport and serenading passengers with his flute, people on the internet lost it over the heartwarming story. Now, it seems as though the rapper has returned to the hobby in quarantine as Andre was once again spotted out and about with his flute on hand.

Visual designer Jeff Staple was linking up with Andre in LA over the weekend for lunch. Staple pulled out his phone to record their greeting as he noticed Andre was toting his infamous flute around in public.

The video follows last year’s report from journalist Antonia Cereijido, who tweeted that she saw a man “walking around my terminal playing a flute for 40min” before realizing the flautist was Andre 3000. This was just the first instance of a fan reporting they saw the musician practicing his flute game but later on in the year, several more fans shared photos of Andre playing the instrument out in public.

In other Andre 3000 news, the rapper recently opened up about not attending protests due to concern over contracting coronavirus:

“I saw a lot of rappers getting pressured by people, with fans saying, ‘You need to be out here, where are y’all,’ but you have to think about it: How much of it is just for the people to say, We saw a celebrity there? What if your favorite rapper goes out — I’m not even talking about me, ‘cause I’m from the ‘90s, but the kids’ favorite rapper now, say they go out and catch corona and die? Were they more effective and valuable to all of us at home writing music, and doing what they do best?”

Watch Andre 3000 with his treasured flute above.

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