Andrew W.K.’s First New Album In Eight Years Only Has Three Songs With ‘Party’ In The Title

When Andrew W.K. exploded onto the music scene in 2001 with his landmark debut I Get Wet, it was behind a slew of party anthems, straightforwardly titled “Party Hard,” “It’s Time To Party,” and “Party Til You Puke.” And over the years, the rocker has expanded his range, taking turns as a columnist for the Village Voice, as a motivational speaker, and as a cover songs performer. Surprisingly, it’s been 12 years since he has put out an original record of rock songs, and eight years since he’s released a full-length album.

On March 2nd, Andrew W.K. will return with You’re Not Alone, being released by Red Music/Sony Music. The 16-song collection features on three songs with “party” in the title –“The Power Of Partying,” “Party Mindset,” and “The Party Never Dies”– with the rest of the cuts focusing of the songwriter’s interest in positivity, reading a bit like chapters in a self-help book. In the press release, the record promises as both a return to the “buoyant, infectious, and triumphant melodies” that we know and love, while following a path to self-actualization through its lyrics. Cool.

Andrew W.K. has released a video about the creation of the excellent cover art with artists Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, which you can watch above. Below, check out the art and tracklist. There’s a lot to like about the cover, including the microphone in the singer’s pants and the dragon lurking in the bushes.

1. “The Power Of Partying”
2. “Music Is Worth Living For”
3. “Ever Again”
4. “I Don’t Know Anything”
5. “The Feeling Of Being Alive”
6. “Party Mindset”
7. “The Party Never Dies”
8. “Give Up On You”
9. “Keep On Going”
10. “In Your Darkest Moments”
11. “The Devil’s On Your Side”
12. “Break The Curse”
13. “Total Freedom”
14. “Beyond Oblivion”
15. “Confusion And Clarity”
16. “You’re Not Alone”

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