Arctic Monkeys’ ‘Anyways’ Is A Warm New ‘Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino’ B-Side

Arctic Monkeys’ latest album, Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino, was their first since 2013’s AM, and it was a big departure for the band, opting for a less guitar-heavy sound in favor of slower, piano-led tunes. That same spirit is embodied on “Anyways,” a new B-Side that the band has just shared as part of a single also featuring the album’s title track.

Alex Turner previously said of the slower jazzy lounge number:

“My songs tend to have a lot of words, but you have to be careful because you can pack too much into a song. I had a song that didn’t make this record with lyrics that mentioned both Bing Crosby and Randy Newman. And I just thought, You can’t do that. You can have one or the other. Just f**king calm down! You don’t want to make a song too lumpy.”

The song was originally announced last month when the band shared Warp Speed Chic, an 11-minute short film about the making of Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino. Director Ben Chappell said of the film, “After spending a year documenting Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino I wanted to try and pull it all together in a short film. I spent a few weeks with the band in France documenting the recording process with my 16mm camera in September 2017. At that point I was still only hearing bits and pieces of the tunes as they were being recorded. Nearly a year later, I was on stage with them in Lyon France, shooting some of those same tunes.”

Listen to “Anyways” above, and read our review of Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino here.

Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino is out now via Domino. Get it here.