Ariana Grande’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Features James Corden Carrying Her And A Celine Dion Impression

Despite James Corden’s troubles with Kanye West, the Late Late Show host doesn’t seem to have a hard time getting a ton of talent to ride around with him for his famous Carpool Karaoke segments. Perhaps most famously, his recent segment with Paul McCartney was such a hit that it’s being expanded to a standalone TV special. Now Corden has unveiled a new edition of Carpool Karaoke, and this time, it’s Ariana Grande’s turn.

A lot went down during the 13-minute segment. Corden asked about the rumor that Grande gets carried everywhere, which started circulating when she posted a photo of her being carried by her tour manager. Grande insisted she’s not that much of a diva, and had a reasonable explanation for what was happening: “There was a picture of me being carried by my tour manager, because I had just shot a video in pointe shoes. And I posted it because I thought it was cute. My toes were bleeding, I was in pain.”

The two kept the rumor alive, though, when Corden carried her in a Starbucks and she proclaimed to employees and customers, “Did you know I demand to be carried everywhere? That is the kind of pop star I am. I just want you all to know. If you see me anywhere, it’s because I didn’t walk there myself. I promise.”

Grande, who is engaged to Saturday Night Live‘s Pete Davidson, also laughed off pregnancy rumors: “Tons of pregnancy stuff. People really want me to be pregnant! They always want it. They want it; they want it so bad. Every other week, there’s a pregnancy thing.”

Of course, let’s not forget the singing: The duo belted out hits like “Side To Side” and “No Tears Left To Cry,” with Grande adding a new dimension to the songs with dexterous vocal embellishments over the studio recordings. If you thought she’d keep her performance reserved because she was just riding around in a car, think again. She also took a minute to bust out her basically perfect Celine Dion impression, which she absolutely nails in both her speaking and singing voices.

If you’re wondering about her bandaged hand, by the way, she actually injured it during this taping, although that went unaddressed during the segment.

Watch Grande’s Carpool Karaoke segment above.