Ariana Grande And Jennifer Coolidge Recreate An Iconic Scene In The ‘Thank U, Next’ Outtakes Video

Ariana Grande’s hit single “Thank U, Next” has been at the top of the world for some time now, and all the while, Grande has shared as much content related to the song and its rom-com-inspired video as possible. In one of the behind-the-scenes clips she posted in December, Grande teased a deleted scene with Jennifer Coolidge that didn’t find its way into the final cut. Now, though, Grande has shared a video compiling “Thank U, Next” deleted scenes and bloopers, and in it is the deleted scene in question: Grande and Coolidge recreating the Legally Blonde scene where Coolidge’s character reclaims her dog from her ex.

It’s pretty much a completely accurate shot-for-shot remake of the original scene (which you can revisit for comparison purposes below), aside from a few key differences. In the new scene, Grande introduces herself to the trailer-dweller, to which he responds with confusion, “Ariana what?” Grande responds, “Yeah, that’s right: big.” Also, instead of Coolidge saying, “I’m taking the dog, dumbass,” the line is altered to, “I’m taking the dog. Thank you… next!”

If you want to hear what this scene would be like if Grande and Coolidge switched roles, Grande said the dog line from the scene while doing her absolutely perfect impression of Coolidge on The Tonight Show last May:

Watch the outtakes video above, and revisit the original “Thank U, Next” video here.