ASAP Ferg May Have Responded To Being Kicked Out Of ASAP Mob With An Obtuse Instagram Video

Yesterday, ASAP Mob founder ASAP Illz noted in his Instagram story that “Plain Jane” rapper and longtime member of ASAP Mob, ASAP Ferg, was no longer a part of the collective. “Ferg ain’t ASAP no more,” he wrote. “Sorry guys. That n**** burnt out, songs dumb trash. Mr. Anthem can’t get right.” Today, Ferg seemingly issued his response to the announcement in a rather obtuse manner. While Ferg didn’t comment directly on ASAP Illz’s comments, he did share a video that was extremely theme appropriate.

Taking a break from playing a game of pickup basketball, Ferg sat on the sidelines and played a clip from Meek Mill’s 2016 Dreams Worth More Than Money track “Cold Hearted.” The song features Diddy speaking in an interlude, giving a classic and very Diddy speech on turncoat friends:

Ayo, it gets f*cked up when your own family start calling you up
Sh*t, money’s the root of all evil
Family start telling you, “You acting different, n****”
You’re goddamn right I’m acting different
With all this motherf*cking money
But then when it comes from your brother, your sister
Your mother, your father, that sh*t hurts you to the core, man
When they start acting like something that you ain’t never motherf*cking seen
You done grew up motherf*cker
They gave birth to you, know what I’m saying?
You got raised, you done played in the park with them
This money thing, this sh*t will f*ck you up, man
You got to watch what you ask for
You sure you want this son? You sure you want this money?

Again, Ferg didn’t say anything directly about the situation, and while it’s kind of a reach to assume that he specifically meant to address his former crewmates’ comments about him with the video — it’s not much of one. Meanwhile, Ferg’s been branching out with his music, specifically tapping into New York’s drill movement with the help of Jay Gwuapo and Lil Wayne on “No Ceilings” and featuring on Nas’ new album King’s Disease alongside Fivio Foreign. He also collaborated with Nicki Minaj on “Move Ya Hips.”

See ASAP Ferg’s mysterious possible response above.