ASAP Ferg Is No Longer A Part Of ASAP Mob According To The Group’s Founding Member, ASAP Illz

ASAP Mob first got their start back in 2006 thanks to the late ASAP Yams who formed the group alongside ASAP Bari, ASAP Kham, and ASAP Illz. In the following years, ASAP Rocky, ASAP Ferg, and others would join ASAP Mob and help boost its popularity. Nearly a decade after their start, ASAP Mob will continue without one of its strongest members as founder member ASAP Illz revealed on his Instagram story that ASAP Ferg rapper is no longer a part of the collective.

“Ferg aint ASAP NO MORE sorry guys,” ASAP Illz said on his story. “That n**** burnt out, songs dumb trash mr anthem cant get right.” In a second post, Illz would further voice his frustration and explain his reasoning in removing Ferg from the group. “Damn right I ain’t no yes man nut n****a don’t respect that sh*t. y’all rather have a n**** who’s not even half way on my level around just cause he a Yes man and do Whatever you want at the snap of your fingers sh*t goofy.”

After his messages about removing ASAP Ferg from the group, ASAP Illz shared screenshots of Ferg texting him and requesting that they speak about the issue on the phone. Having no desire to talk to Ferg, Illz’s screenshot shows him dismissing Ferg, telling him to “f*ck off my line.”

Check out the screenshots from ASAP Illz Instagram story above.