ASAP Rocky Explains The Reason Behind His Crew’s Stockholm Fight

Getty Image

ASAP Rocky was recently captured on camera in Stockholm, Sweden apparently delivering a beatdown to a man on the street after Rocky broke the man’s headphones, according to TMZ. Today, Rocky posted his own footage in response, apparently shot by a member of his crew, which sees the moments before the actual fight broke out, along with an explanation for why it happened in the first place.

“SO A FEW DRUG ADDICTS ARE NOT MY FANS,” he wrote. “WE DONT KNOW THESE GUYS AND WE DIDNT WANT TROUBLE , THEY FOLLOWED US FOR 4 BLOCKS , AND THEY WERE SLAPPING GIRLS BUTTS WHO PASSED , GIVE ME A BREAK” From the video, it seems pretty clear that the two gentlemen who confronted Rocky and his crew were upset about something, and one does indeed mention headphones several times. However, it also appears that Rocky and his security do their best to de-escalate the situation, giving the irate locals every chance to disengage from the altercation.

As to Rocky’s claim that the men were harassing women, there’s little evidence, so take that one with a grain of salt. The original footage picks up after the fight has already begun, so there’s still no telling how exactly it started, but the men who accosted Rocky likely regret their confrontation either way. No pair of headphones is worth getting stomped out over.