ASAP Ferg Says ASAP Rocky Had An Emotional Moment At Kanye West’s Sunday Service After His Sweden Trial

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Very shortly after ASAP Rocky returned to the US following his legal trouble in Sweden, he was seen at Kanye West’s Sunday Service. While at the event, there was apparently at least one moment where the rapper got emotional in light of everything he had been through.

In a new interview with Billboard, ASAP Ferg described his reunion with Rocky, saying they partied all night before going to Kanye West’s Sunday Service the next morning, where Rocky had a moving experience:

“We were just partying when we seen each other. We partied all through the night, and when we broke day, I had woke him up to go to Kanye’s Sunday Service. On our way there, it was kind of quiet. He was just talking about his experience being in there and how he was happy to be home, but then, when we got there, the preacher was preaching and the people were singing, and he got quiet. Two other people that were locked up with him, one of them started crying, and [another] was just quiet and was in the moment. We all just hugged it out. We were just happy to say that our brothers were home.”

Ferg also talked about his relationship with Rocky, saying, “I mean, out of all people, I don’t know everybody’s relationship with Rocky, but I got a real relationship with Rocky. It’s so real that every time we’re together, we don’t post we’re together. Some people just think we don’t f*ck with each other sometimes, because they don’t see us together and sh*t. Like, no, we have a real relationship and sh*t. Regardless if I was ASAP or not, that’s my brother. That’s my brother. Nobody can’t talk to him about what we’re going through the way I can. Nobody else on the team can really have certain conversations with Rocky except for me, because I’ve experienced certain things on a certain level.”

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