ASAP Rocky Criticizes His New York Audience For Their ‘Embarrassing’ Mosh Pit

ASAP Rocky is one of the more energetic performers in hip-hop, and his ideal audience would mirror his intensity. Unfortunately for him, his crowd at a recent Brooklyn performance didn’t live up to his standard, and he let them know that he was pretty upset by it.

In a video from the performance, Rocky, perched on his security guards’ shoulders, tries to salvage a failed mosh pit in his audience a pit that he thought was “f*ckin’ embarrassing.” He says in the video, “New York, this is f*ckin’ embarrassing. Y’all n****s don’t know how to f*ckin’ mosh. Open it up. If you a p*ssy, get the f*ck out the center of it, n****. Move. Move!”

Following his time spent behind bars in Sweden, Rocky said that he would “love” to perform for the inmates in the prison where he was previously held. He recently told TMZ, “I would love to but being that it’s a maximum-security lock-down detention center, you gotta stay in a room for 23 hours a day, I doubt they’ll let those people get a performance.” However, the Swedish Prison And Probation Service reportedly said that would actually be open to considering a formal request from Rocky to make a performance happen.

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