ASAP Rocky Has Reportedly Returned To The U.S. For The First Time Since Being Arrested In Sweden

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A breakthrough in ASAP Rocky’s high-profile Swedish assault case arrived Friday when his trial came to a close. A judge ruled the rapper will not have to remain in custody and can leave the country and return to the US while he awaits his verdict. Rocky has reportedly landed safely in LA and is attempting to lay low for the next couple of weeks until his case officially comes to a close.

A video obtained by TMZ shows Rocky reportedly reuniting and chatting with his crew in the parking lot of LAX after his plane safely touched down. The rapper wore a black suit and patterned head scarf and allegedly stayed near his car to catch up with friends for nearly 45 minutes. But it doesn’t appear he’s ready to interact with media just yet. The man behind the camera shouts, “How does it feel to be home?” Rocky doesn’t respond and immediately leaves once he notices he’s being filmed.

Before Rocky touched American soil, he made sure to thank his fans for their support on social media. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my fans, friends and anyone across the globe who supported me during these last few weeks,” the rapper said on Instagram.

Rocky pleaded “not guilty” on his criminal assault charges. Prosecutors previously stated they wanted him to serve up to six months in prison following a recorded fight on the streets of Stockholm, Sweden. The case has garnered a lot of media attention, and even caught the eye of President Trump, who stated he was willing to vouch for Rocky’s freedom.