ASAP Rocky Apparently Agrees That Travis Scott ‘Stole His Whole Style’

Despite their superficial physical resemblance, ASAP Rocky and Travis Scott haven’t had the warmest relationship. In fact, you almost never see the two of them together (kinda like Clark Kent and Superman) — which, come to think of it, probably contributed to them being mistaken for each other all those times. However, despite some rumors and speculation, Rocky has insisted that there’s no beef between the two men. However, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t agree with certain comparisons between them — namely, the one that Travis jacked ASAP Rocky’s style.

That question came up again in a teaser for an upcoming episode of rap’s in-house mess factory, Drink Champs with NORE. In the teaser, NORE suggests, once again, that Travis Scott stole Rocky’s “whole style.” Although the clip is edited to exclude any elaboration from Rocky, he does appear to agree with this assessment before the teaser moves on to other topics. This may mark the first time Rocky openly copped to the belief that Travis bit his look; meanwhile, another portion of the teaser may provide some insight into why it’s such a big deal for him in the first place.

“Kanye West came out on this same show and said, ‘ASAP Rocky dresses better than me,'” NORE recalls excitedly. “I never thought I would hear that in my whole life.” Considering Kanye’s reputation as hip-hop’s premier fashionista, this constitutes high praise for the “Fashion Killa,” who appears to be promoting his own comeback project with singles like “DMB.” He’s also been preparing for the birth of his baby with his “Fashion Killa” co-star Rihanna, so he’s still probably too busy for beef. But it is interesting that he’s finally given a straight answer to this question after dodging it since 2016.