ASAP Rocky Calls The Rumors Of Beef Between Him And Travis Scott ‘So Played Out’

For years, fans have speculated beef brewing between two of the top rappers of the modern era, ASAP Rocky and Travis Scott, and it looks like Rocky has finally had enough. The braided, de facto leader of the ASAP Mob collective took his concerns to Twitter, where he tweeted in all-caps: “THAT ME N TRAVIS BEEF SH*T SO PLAYED OUT , LET IT GO.”

The rumors of the beef likely stem from a 2015 incident in which a fan mistakenly referred to Travis as “ASAP,” prompting Travis to stomp at the onlooker and proclaim, “I’m not ASAP, b*tch!” Incidentally, another fan mistook Rocky for Travis more recently, a mischaracterization that drew a side-eye from Rocky. In 2016, ASAP Nast accused Travis of jacking ASAP Mob’s style — a blend of urban streetwear and high-end fashion, most often styled in all-black ensembles highlighting the gothic trappings of both artists’ musical leanings — and Rocky sidestepped an apology or defense, saying: “Let the people decide if he a biter or if he authentic.” The similarities between the two rappers — both of whom are headline favorites of the hip-hop festival circuit — likely led fans to compare the two in much the same way fans automatically pit female rappers against one another in years past.

However, to even the most untrained eye, it would appear that the two are actually on quite friendly terms. Travis called for ASAP’s freedom earlier this year when the latter was detained in Sweden, accused of assault, while Rocky played “Sicko Mode” with Drake during the Los Angeles stop of his most recent tour. Rocky also seemingly addressed the rumors with a freestyle during his Rolling Loud New York set, rapping, “Please don’t compare him and me / You offending me / This ain’t a diss and we ain’t enemies / They concerned with making hits, I’m more concerned with making history,” a stanza some fans interpreted to refer to Travis.

In either case, it seems unlikely that the two would have time to beef over something as trivial as clothing when they’re both flying so high right now and so clearly in their own lanes. Rocky’s tweet just underscores the ways in which rumors can affect performers, even if they aren’t strictly true.