ASAP Rocky And Tyler The Creator Hilariously Trolled Each Other On Instagram Live

Coronavirus safety measures are keeping us all cooped-up and going stir crazy, so thank goodness for rappers with Instagram Live. Of course, they’ve been using the platform’s fan-favorite function to host chats, concerts, and preview new music, but ASAP Rocky and Tyler The Creator naturally found a more novel use for it: Continuing their tradition of trolling each other with hilariously over-the-top shenanigans, to the delight of their viewers and fans.

It all starts with Rocky trying to add Tyler to his Live Session and failing pretty miserably. “Where this b*tch ass n**** at, man?” he wonders while tapping away at the screen. When he finally does get ahold of Tyler, it’s to find the Igor creator dancing in the mirror. “Yo, come on, bro. Don’t get on and start. Chill out.” Tyler, naturally, does not chill. Instead, he asks Rocky, “What you wearing?” Rocky seems disconcerted, telling Tyler to “relax your limbs,” but Tyler responds with a relatable rejoinder: “I’m lonely.”

The two banter a bit about coronavirus — Tyler has asthma, so he’s taking extra precautions — and Rocky tries to get Tyler to share some new music. Unfortunately for Rocky — and the two musicians’ fans — Tyler isn’t “big on being the guy who just previews random new music.” Although Tyler promises to play something if Rocky does show off his outfit, that’s the last straw for the Harlem rapper, who hangs up on his friend. Watch the whole hilarious exchange below.

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