ASAP Rocky’s Defense Will Reportedly Avoid Mentioning Race As A Factor In His Arrest

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Although many of his peers and supporters have noted the discrepancy in ASAP Rocky’s treatment in his recent arrest in Sweden, he apparently feels he has reason not to. TMZ reports that sources close to the Harlem rapper want to make it clear that Rocky doesn’t think race was a factor in his arrest and subsequent detainment.

Of course, that narrative doesn’t exactly line up with the reality as reported by ASAP Rocky supporters like G-Eazy, who told media that his own brush with the law in Stockholm resulted in little more than a fine and a short stay — less than 48 hours. He spoke out on Twitter as well, calling the difference in their treatment an example of “white privilege and system racism.” While Sweden has a much different history with race than the US — and incidentally, much less diversity — there does seem to be a little dissonance between G-Eazy’s, well, easy experience and the rockier path — sorry — ASAP has had to securing his freedom.

Swedish authorities insist that there is no discrimination taking place in Rocky’s case, with even the Prime Minister stating that the rapper will receive no special treatment in response to Donald Trump claiming he’d reach out on Rocky’s behalf. Still, it’s no surprise that the case has received so much attention with its close proximity to similar cases involving rappers like 21 Savage and Meek Mill. All three cases seem to highlight in many minds the clear disparities in justice systems the world over — disparities that need to be addressed, whether by the accused or not.