Asian Doll Did End Up Getting A King Von Tattoo — But It Wasn’t On Her Face

After news of Chicago rapper King Von’s death broke earlier this month, the hip-hop community mourned the loss of the up-and-comer. His death had a huge impact on Asian Doll in particular, who had dated the rapper from 2018 up until this past August.

Still reeling in the days following Von’s death, Asian Doll decided she was going to pay tribute by getting a tattoo of him. When she first revealed her plans, she said she wanted to get it on her face. But after fans advised her not to, she instead decided to get the ink placed somewhere else.

Just ahead of King Von’s tragic death, Uproxx had the opportunity to sit down with him for his final interview. When asked about who he made music for, he replied:

“People that grow up in Parkway with single mothers. You know, that Section 8 sh*t. Grow up around there, with drug dealers around. People that grew up in sh*t like that and f*cked up predicaments. It’s a lot of people. And then people, just as entertainment, and sh*t, I guess. The suburban kids. Everybody who f*ck with the music, man.”