Baby Keem Explains Those Wild Kendrick Lamar Ad-Libs On His Album For ‘Desus And Mero’

As one of the hottest emerging talents in hip-hop right now, Baby Keem is the perfect guest to appear on Desus & Mero, where the Bronx duo got in-depth on the 20-year-old Las Vegas rapper’s debut album, The Melodic Blue. One of the questions addressed to him by the hilarious hosts mentioned the wild ad-libs on his songs with Kendrick Lamar on the album, especially the head-turning “Range Brothers.” After becoming fodder for a plethora of memes, Kendrick’s repeated cries of “top o’ the morning” and “let’s get this sh*t” elicited chuckles from both the hosts and their guest as they asked where the two rappers’ energy comes from.

“I think in the booth is where I’m most myself,” Keem mused. “And I’m around the people that get the most out of me. I think that’s it. I’m just comfortable in my environment.” He also addresses the memes sparked by his album, saying his favorite is the dancing cowboy and expressing a wish to contact the creator.

Meanwhile, Desus & Mero is quickly becoming the go-to show for rap artists to promote their new work, as the laid-back vibe and insider perspective have proven to be perfect for drawing out gems from the likes of Lil Nas X, Bobby Shmurda, Chance The Rapper, and the original Nas in recent months. The Bodega Boys’ brand was always brolic but now, it’s becoming better defined — and helping to define the shape and direction of modern-day hip-hop.

You can watch the Baby Keem interview with Desus & Mero above.