Crate-Digging: Anna Klein, Hannah Epperson, And More Bandcamp Albums From February

02.28.18 12 months ago


Crate Digging is Uproxx Music’s monthly exploration of the depths of DIY music distribution platform Bandcamp, in an effort to unearth some hidden gem albums that just might find their spot among your favorites.

The Grammys and music festivals might not be super about women, but this week’s installment of Crate Digging sure is. This wasn’t even by design as a sort of affirmative action move: I browsed Bandcamp and it just so happened that four of the five best albums I came across this month were by a diverse range of talented female artists making pillow-soft lo-fi, raucous rock and roll, and adventurous pop. The dudes who made the list this time around brought their best as well, since the sole male-fronted album is a wonderful dose of emo that manages to sound like it really belongs in 2018.

5. Johanna Baumann — Peach

Lo-fi music has been done to death at this point, partially because the barrier to entry is so low: It’s literally supposed to sound like it was made in your bedroom. It’s for that reason that the market has been flooded with lo-fi acts not worth a damn, but Johanna Baumann isn’t one of those. The Michigan artist is delicate without being weak, sparse without being boring, and low fidelity without being low quality. Lo-fi might not even be doing what’s going on here justice, as there are some pretty fleshed out arrangements in a Neutral Milk Hotel sort of way, like the trumpet and other flourishes on album highlight “Buddha Bear.”

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