Jackie Fuchs, The Bassist From 1970s Rock Band The Runaways, Is Killing It On ‘Jeopardy!’

12.19.18 7 months ago


Uttering the phrase Celebrity Jeopardy! usually brings two things to mind. One of them is almost certainly Will Ferrel as an extremely embittered Alex Trebek taking guff from Burt Reynolds on Saturday Night Live. The other would be, if you’re a true fan of Jeopardy!, maybe the famous image of Andy Richter sitting victorious after a game in which Wolf Blitzer ended deep into the negatives but still played Final Jeopardy!, a thing that isn’t even possible in a game not conducted for the benefit of charitable foundations.


That last point brings up one other thing that might come to mind. Celebrity Jeopardy!, you see, is much easier than regular Jeopardy! The questions are about pasta and current events and are generally softballs, even if Blitzer doesn’t know what penne is. The common refrain heard by Jeopardy! heads during the celebrity or kids or college tournament is that these fools would get wrecked if they were to play the real deal, not the deviations from the norm.

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