Bazzi’s ‘Paradise’ Is An Infatuated, Blissed Out Club Anthem

Lebanese-American singer-songwriter Bazzi conquered the charts with singles “Mine” and “Beautiful” last year, and he’s back to take 2019 with his new pop anthem “Paradise.”

The song is blissfully romantic, as Bazzi sings about a love that rises above the boundaries of space and time. According to Bazzi, “Paradise” is a state of mind, not a place on the map.

“It’s not about a location or vacation, it’s about portraying the feeling of ‘Paradise’ that can truly exist anywhere,” Bazzi says. “For me, I always think so vividly of my Friday nights when I was in high school. I feel nostalgia and mystery around them and I really wanted to capture those feelings in this record. When people listen, I want to take them back to those times and give them that mood and feeling.”

The video, directed by Bon Duke, puts a pretty stunning physical location to “Paradise,” though. Shot in Mexico City, every shot of the video is lush, awash in striking greens and blues. The song and visuals transport you to another time and place. It’s not quite a vacation, but it’s the next best thing.

Watch the video for “Paradise” above.

Bazzi is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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