The 20 Most Dynamic, Chaotic, Entertaining Frontmen And Frontwomen Of All-Time

08.20.15 4 years ago 33 Comments

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Dynamic frontmen (and women): They stand out for their larger-than-life onstage personas, offering us an experience that we’ll never forget. We remember them for an assortment of reasons: Maybe they were destructive and crazy, maybe they were outspoken and passionate about issues not being discussed in music, and maybe they just did stuff in a way that was refreshing and redefined what it meant to be the leader of a band or group. But being a great front(wo)man is about much more than being a great singer; having a great voice helps, but having an attitude, a presence, matters too.

This feature celebrates those individuals, those men and women who took the mic and center stage and made them their own, challenging our idea of how such a person should act, look, or sound.

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