The Best Live Music Venues In Los Angeles

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06.21.18 2 Comments
best live music venues los angeles

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As the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles certainly doesn’t lack for live music choices. It seems like every night of the week you can catch a wide variety of superstars, cult favorites, or up-and-coming artists in any one of the hundreds of venues spread out across the gargantuan city, ranging in size from the 50-person dive bar to the massive, 100,000-seat Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Of course, as any regular concert-goer is aware, it’s not just the artist and the crowd that helps define a great show, but the space itself which can either enhance the atmosphere and the music pouring from the stage, or detract from it if the venue is poorly staffed, run-down, or dogged by bad sound and poor sight lines. Fortunately, for the citizens of LA, there are a multitude of places where you’re rarely ever liable to run into any of those aforementioned issues. Here are the 15 best of the bunch.

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