These Max Martin Songs Prove He’s The Undisputed Pop Songwriting King

02.26.16 3 years ago

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If you’ve listened to any pop music since, say 1998, chances are you’ve heard and loved several songs that were written by Max Martin. The Swedish mastermind has had a stranglehold on pop radio for nearly two decades now, penning smash hit after smash hit. Now, you may not want to admit it, but we’ve all jammed to many of these songs more times than we can count. With that in mind, let’s look at the 10 best songs that Max Martin had at least a hand in writing. A few rules; first off, anything with Martin’s name in the writing credits is eligible, and secondly, we’re only going with one song for each artist. Why? Because otherwise, half of this list would be Britney songs.

Apologies to Robyn, Kesha, Usher, Ariana Grande, Pink, and pretty much every other chart topper that Max Martin has worked with.

10. Bon Jovi – “It’s My Life”

Like many rock bands before them (Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Heart…) Bon Jovi decided to enlist the help of professional songwriters for their comeback in 2000. You can call this a “sellout” move, but it’s hard to deny how memorable this song is. “It’s My Life” brought Bon Jovi back to the forefront in pop music, allowing them to avoid the obscurity that so many of their hair-metal brethren are mired in.

9. Avril Lavigne – “What The Hell”

For the most part, Lavigne’s Goodbye Lullaby was a fairly dreary listen. The album was mostly the product of her divorce from Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley, and the tone reflected that. We did get one brief moment of light with this fun number, which is essentially about being on the rebound, and wanting to do whatever — and whoever — you want.

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