Beyonce And Her Family Went Above And Beyond Helping Houston Recover From Hurricane Harvey

Over the weekend, Houston’s most famous resident rolled up her sleeves to help out the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Beyonce, Blue Ivy, and her BeyGood initiative went to her hometown and handed out supplies and meals to locals devastated by the hurricane’s path of destruction, following through on a promise to do everything in her power to help the people of Houston to recover.

Hurricane Harvey has claimed several lives already, but more than that, it’s also displaced thousands ho had to flee with little more than the clothes they were wearing and will have less to return to when the flood waters recede. While plenty of celebrities, including Drake, have already pledged their financial support to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, many more residents of Houston are simply in survival mode today.

Beyonce’s efforts are exactly the sort of thing residents need at this time. After the rescues but before they are able to return and rebuild, people still require the sort of amenities that we sometimes take for granted: Food, shelter, clothing, diapers, baby formula, sanitary supplies, and even toilet paper are in short supply in disaster areas.

Even so, it would have been all too easy for someone of Beyonce’s resources to simply “donate” while safe in her newly purchased Los Angeles mansion, but the fact she’s on the ground, personally handing out clamshell containers of food, sets an example for us all. Houston residents are still in need; you can find ways to help here.