Beyonce And Jay Z Won Halloween With Their Ken And Barbie Costumes

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Celebrities who get really into Halloween are the best celebrities. World-famous people using a small chunk of their resources to make elaborate costumes makes us feel good about buying into them in the first place. We didn’t need another reminder, but the Carter-Knowles family are definitely the best kind of celebrities. Exhibit A: these incredible Barbie-themed family costumes that they pulled off this Halloween.

Jay and Bey selling the hell out of that tilted-head doll stance would have been enough, but their costume also came complete with boxes.

Blue Ivy’s rockstar Barbie jacket is making kids everywhere a little green right now.

Beyonce also shared a closer look at herself before she’s unboxed. I’d say she’s worth less that way, but I don’t want to anger the Hive.

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This BarbHive costume would be enough for most families to coast off of for the next several years, but it wasn’t even the only elaborate Knowles-Carter clan get-up of the weekend. Beyonce, Blue Ivy and Tina Knowles rocked a “Push It”-era Salt n’ Pepa costume earlier this week.

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Halloween is definitely a competition. So, plenty of celebs and regular folks were out there trying to top each other. Check out some other celebrity costumes and see if anyone came for the Queen and somehow didn’t miss.

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