Beyoncé Responded To Fans’ Requests For ‘Renaissance’ Music Videos With A Reminder That The Queen Moves At ‘Her Own Pace’

Beyoncé’s Renaissance World Tour is officially underway after months of breathless speculation and bank account management by fans. That speculation reached a fever pitch today, the first day of the tour, as fans Solna, Sweden began sharing the first images from the tour, including merch and a speculative setlist from the show program.

And while some of those questions will necessarily remain unanswered, at least one has been. The question fans have been asking since the album’s release — “where are the visuals, sis?” — got a reply in the form of a teasing portion of her set. As a voice narrates, a massive screen echoes the message. “You’ve asked for the visuals,” read the narrator. “You’ve called for the queen. But a queen moves at her own pace.”

The running joke between Beyoncé and her fans began late last year, a few months after the release of Renaissance. The lack of a single music video for the new album — especially after the artist had released a video for nearly every song from her last handful of projects — was a sticking point for some fans, who couldn’t help expressing their thirst on social media. In turn, Beyoncé trolled those fans via the Parkwood Entertainment account, letting them know that she sees the memes… but she’s not in a hurry to put anything out just yet.

Judging from the monologue during her show, she was reserving the visual experience for her tour, where she’ll undoubtedly be serving up more than enough memories to last a lifetime.