Beyonce Went Viral After Making A Surprise (And Late) Golden Globes Appearance

Beyonce did not do as well as she was probably hoping at the Golden Globes yesterday. It’s an honor to be nominated, absolutely, but her The Lion King song “Spirit” lost out on Best Original Song, to Elton John and Taron Egerton’s Rocketman duet “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again.” Also nominated in the category were Taylor Swift’s Cats track “Beautiful Ghosts,” “Into The Unknown” from Frozen 2, and “Stand Up” from Harriet.

Still, Beyonce ended up being one of the biggest stories of the night, and all she had to do was show up (late).

Beyonce did not step foot on the red carpet before the ceremony, so it was fair for everybody to assume that she would not be attending the show. That wouldn’t have been a surprise, especially since she hadn’t gone in a decade. That made it all the more unexpected, then, when she and Jay-Z popped up during the broadcast, giving Ellen DeGeneres a standing ovation as she accepted the Carol Burnett Award.

It turns out that Beyonce and Jay-Z just showed up late, as Kate McKinnon was introducing DeGeneres. The pair even brought their own champagne.

Beyonce was the talk of Twitter due to her surprise appearance, so much so that she went viral because of it. She also drew some attention for remaining seated during a standing ovation for Joaquin Phoenix, and for her reaction to John accepting his Golden Globe.

Her appearance actually wasn’t a total surprise, though, as the Golden Globes revealed on Instagram Live before the show that Beyonce would be seated at DeGeneres’ table.

Meanwhile, Beyonce also shared some photos of her Golden Globes look on Instagram.

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