Bhad Bhabie Reportedly Enters Rehab For Prescription Drug Addiction

TMZ reports that the 17-year-old rapper Danielle Bregoli — aka Bhad Bhabie — has entered rehab for prescription medication abuse for the “next few weeks” as she also copes with childhood trauma. According to TMZ’s sources, Bregoli decided to seek treatment at an undisclosed location for 30 to 90 days on the advice of her management, which stated, “We are very proud of Danielle for recognizing that she needed help and seeking it out.”

The news comes just days after Bregoli was again called out for appropriative behavior as part of a discussion about allyship stemming from ongoing protests of police brutality. In the wake of several highly-publicized incidents of police brutality — police officers in Louisville killed Breonna Taylor while serving a warrant on the wrong person, while video shows officers in Minnesota choking George Floyd to death with a knee on his neck as he struggled to breathe — the importance of non-Black people being allies arose on social media. Commenters noted that many celebrities who rely on Black culture and music for a paycheck, including Bregoli, were suddenly silent on issues that deeply affected Black people and communities.

Bregoli, who was one of the earliest flashpoints in the ongoing debate when she first debuted her viral catchphrase on an episode of Dr. Phil, has been a target of criticisms ever since, parlaying her viral ubiquity into a rap career and a label deal with Atlantic Records. She often defends herself by claiming “no one can act a color,” which only makes things worse for her.

Bhad Bhabie is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.