The Internet Is Losing It Over This Tweet From Justin Bieber’s Dad About His Penis Size

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10.09.15 11 Comments

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Earlier this week when nude paparazzi photos of Justin Bieber hit the web, the general reaction was not just that the pictures themselves existed, but over the uh, impressive size of Bieber’s manhood. And even though Bieber and his legal team are threatening to sue over the photos, sources say the Bieb is actually secretly pleased with the leak, because everyone is now talking about his enormous member.

You finally did it, Bieber, you’ve shown us all!

One person who had yet to comment on the leak or the size of Justin Bieber’s penis was Bieber’s 40-year-old father, Jeremy Bieber. Because why would he? That would be super gross. Regardless, the senior Bieber rectified his silence with this tweet Friday morning.

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