Big Boi And Sleepy Brown Gave A Head-Nodding Performance Of ‘Animalz’ On ‘Fallon’

You’ve really got to admire Big Boi‘s latter-career resilience. After splitting with his Outkast partner Andre 3000 in the late 2000s, he could have faded from public view like so many other rap group members or pivoted to acting as his former partner did. Instead, he only became more creative and productive, three solo studio albums and a joint EP with Phantogram titled Big Grams (he also dabbled a little in acting himself appearing in films like Baby Driver, Superfly, and most famously, ATL).

All this while consistently being underrated by fans on Twitter who constantly clamor for new Andre 3000 material while sometimes overlooking his critically-acclaimed and commercially successful solo efforts (the latest, Boomiverse, peaked at No. 28 on the Billboard 200). However, those fans have another chance to finally give Big Boi his just due with his upcoming joint project with longtime collaborator, fellow ATLien Sleepy Brown, titled The Big Sleepover.

Last night, the duo appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to debut the album’s latest single, “Animalz,” in front of an animated backdrop featuring a running tiger. With a dance-pop-centric beat and lyrics that ruminate on the nature of sex and love, the single is the latest evidence that fans should be watching Big Boi’s moves every bit as much as his erstwhile partner’s.

Watch Big Boi and Sleepy Brown perform “Animalz” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon above.