Big Sean Says ‘It’s Time’ For Him To Launch His Own Record Label

Over the weekend, Big Sean celebrated the release of his Detroit 2 album by hosting an #AskBigSean Q&A on Twitter. While Detroit 2 is still fresh, Big Sean is also looking towards the future, as he is apparently planning on launching his own record label, and is looking for suggestions on who he should sign.

One fan asked Sean is he was still signed to GOOD Music, and he responded, “Yep! I’m starting my own after this album though. Any artist u think I need to sign? It’s time!” It doesn’t appear there are hard feelings between Sean and Kanye or anybody else at the label, though. Yesterday, Kanye tweeted out a link to Sean’s album and wrote, “Congratulations to my brother Big Sean on his new album Good music for life.” Sean responded, “Love you big bro no matter what! Thank you! 4 Life!”

Kanye was an executive producer on the album, and in the Q&A, Sean outlined his involvement in the project, tweeting, “Lotta advice! And more, he actually did a lot of references n parts that helped out a lot.”

Elsewhere during #AskBigSean, the rapper shared some trivia about the new album, so revisit all the tweets from the Q&A here.